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"Strong women make stronger humanity, society and whole world."


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"Pink Belt Project is bringing all women together to stand against crime and create community among themselves"

Our Vision

Strong woman makes Stronger humanity, Society, Nation and whole World, We aim to give every woman SELF - strength, worth, Respect and be able to see this world is safest place for them to live with pride.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make every Female safer, healthier and happier by spreading education and awareness for betterment of their life in all aspects. Pink Belt Project provides a great self confidence and Emotional, Physical, mental booster for whole life and develop understanding they are not less than their gender counterparts.

Exclusive Interview of our Founder Aparna Rajawat
Our certified selfdefense trainers
Pink Belt supported by Celebrities & whole world
Self Defence - Myths "Every Female must watch it"
Women are invincible
Pink Belt changed her Life
Self Defense Technique
Legal Rights for every women
True story before joining Pink Belt
How you can born to be successful
Girls Power for Pink Belt
Live speech to Discover Strenght

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